Butterfly Recruitment


We appreciate how hard it can be to recruit someone who ticks all the boxes, but believe there are three key elements that will make a candidate the perfect match:

1.    They have the right skill sets

2.    They have the relevant experience

3.    They have the right personality for your agency

We use a variety of recruitment methods and will headhunt for your post unless we know someone who is perfect and actively looking. In today’s market, you often need to go out to find the right person rather than wait for him or her to step forward.

What you should expect

We know you don’t want to be bombarded with CVs, so you will only receive a select few from us – all excellent candidates who will be worth seeing. Because we focus solely on the PR industry, we know which agencies are good and therefore which candidates are worth recruiting. We know our sectors too, so will only recommend candidates with the experience to suit your requirements.

Why not make the most of our knowledge to find the right person for your team?